Need to update your Rider training? Hone your skills? The Redlands Branch has booked a rider training course at Mt Cotton for the 6th of October. Don't forget you can claim your Ulysses rebate to help with the costs!
See the Flyer on the Events page for more information

Congratulations to the Ulysses Club Branches of the Riverlands S.A. for a fantastic AGM event. The event site, meals and entertainers were some of the best ever seen.
We will go back and explore some more when the weather is warmer!
Looking forward to Mornington Peninsula in February/March

Redlands Branch Committee
President: Roxanne Stone
Secretary: Marilyn O'Sullivan
Treasurer: Robyn Fergusson

Committee members:
Savaugn Pratt
Peter Smyth
Steve Blencowe
Steve O'Sullivan
Chris Pond
Des Fergusson
Leanne Dunster
Brad Bartlett

The Redlands Branch Monthly Gatherings are held at the CAPALABA MULTISPORTS CLUB,Randall Road, BIRKDALE
6pm meet and greet, 7pm info starts. Join us there!

SOCIAL meeting

We get together on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Redlands Multisports Club, Randall Road, Birkdale.

Although it's called a social meeting this is not your run of the mill meeting by a long shot ! No minutes to be bored with,  just a social event, more like a discussion and lots of laughs along the way. Even if you are not a member yet come and see for yourself what a good time we have.

The social gathering/meeting starts at 7pm, why not come along any time from 6.00pm and enjoy a meal and a chat with good company.


Over 40 and looking for fun? Senior Membership and great times await you. For those of you who are over 40 then you are eligible for Junior Membership.

Apply for membership today


The ride calendar is being continually updated. Go to our Ride page to see the rides and events we have planned.